I teach students of all level and ages.  While I believe that the best time to start the cello is around 8 years of age one can still learn and become very proficient when starting later.  As soon as a student manages basic technique I strongly encourage to participate in Certificate of Merit Program which is a yearly evaluation of the skills recognized by the state.  It consists of a performance of repertoire appropriate for a given level and a basic music theory test.  It is a good measuring tool to know where the student is in his/her progress.  As a member of MTAC ( Music Teacher Association of California)  my students have many other performance opportunities in addition to Certificate of Merit.

Playing the cello is not complete without being involved in some form of chamber music which prompted me to create a Summer Chamber Music program for intermediate to advanced students in 2017.  I found that the students really enjoy working together in groups for the one month in the summer, putting to work all the skills that they learned  into a collaborative effort. The program consists of five coaching sessions and ending with a concert by the students and professional musicians at the Long Beach Public library in the month of August.


Rehearsing Pachelbel Canon for the Summer Chamber Music Concert